Film Collection


Adox Polomatic 3



Camera type: Compact viewfinder

Lens Type: Schneider Kreuznach Radionar 45mm f2.8 - f22

Shutter Type: Prontor-matic 5 speed + B 30,60,125,250,500

Shutter priority automatic exposure


Designed as an optional fully automatic viewfinder camera, unfortunately the auto function doesn't appear to work but the camera still functions fine in manual mode. The shutter was jammed on arrival but disabling the auto seems to have cured this. It was in need of a good clean as well and this has been done, revealing the superbly clear optics which have no visible signs of scratching or fungus. Just as well because this Schneider Kreuznach lens is fantastic, one of the best in my collection. The images below at 6 x 4 do not do justice to the resolving power of the lens.

It's time for one of my trips to Belgium and I want to take a camera which will do justice to the potential subjects and this just volunteered. On my previous trips I have often passed a turn off the E40 to a place called Niewport and I fancied going somewhere different so I took this turning and followed the road all the way to the coast. When I got there I was rewarded with a really nice little coastal resort with a superb promenade and an inland yachting harbour, not to mention a range of cafes and restaurants. It seems to be a place used mainly by the Belgian populous and not widely known on the tourist market. Just by way of a bonus the parking is free. On the way back I had some time to kill so I stopped off on the canal at Veurne and spent an hour wandering along the canal and grabbing a coffee before returning to the E40 back to Calais.




























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