M42 Lenses



The new era



Around 6 years ago when I started this site it was to showcase a small collection of 35mm cameras which I had accumulated at the time. Since then the collection and this site have expanded considerably in both a physical and virtual form and now includes a number of digital camera pages. When I have the opportunity to use a camera, which might be new to the collection or on loan, the details and results are published here. This means that many of the cameras featured are no longer in my possession but their legacy lives on through the site. The site contains over 200 pages covering a wide range of makes and models many of which have been tested in the field and sample images have been posted in the galleries. These range from simple box cameras to complex SLR models, and now digitals, spanning a period of over 100 years. 

Which way to go

For me there is no competition of film versus digital, no this is better than that. They both have equal standing as alternative forms of media, they both have advantages and disadvantages. A camera is still a camera irrespective of the type of media it uses. So now you have to choose between the buttons at the top of the page. Do you go with tradition and pledge allegiance to film or will you succumb to the new age technology of digital. A voyage back into the light of experience or a journey into the dark side of unknowns.


You could check out the new section on M42 lenses. This will give you the experience of using an old manual lens on a modern digital camera, thereby giving the lens a new lease of life and giving yourself a whole new world to explore.



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