Agfa Silette SVS Mk2



Camera type: Compact viewfinder

Lens Type: Agfa Colour Apotar 45mm f2.8 - f22

Shutter Type: Prontor SVS 9 speed + B



This later model Silette might look like a rangefinder but that's a deception. The second window is to generate the bright line frame. This is currently on loan to me from a friend but I have to fix it first. Any speed below 1/16th is slow to non existent so I have to get this freed up before using it. Apart from this it is in superb condition with beautiful clear glasswork. As Agfa are one of my favorite camera makes I am looking forward to getting this up and running.

After a quick trip to Malmesbury to check out the charity shops, I decided a trip to the seaside was in order. Picnic bag packed and cameras loaded of I went to Portsmouth, hence the distinctly nautical flavour of most of the pictures. As always the Silette performed flawlessly and returned some nice shots. With the weather so bright and clear the speed problem was not an issue but this has given me an incentive to get it fixed. My only grumble with this model is that the wind lever tries to pinch your finger if you're not careful. This aside, I think if I were to pick a favourite camera it would be one of the Silettes. They are relatively small and comfortable to handle and turn in consistently good results.



















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