Agfa Super Silette (compur)



Type: Rangefinder

Lens: Agfa Solinar 45mm f3.5 - f16

Shutter: Compur Rapid 10 speed + B 1,2,4,8,15,30,60,125,250,500



This little gem was lurking in a cabinet at the counter of a charity shop in Gloucester. For a reasonable fee I was able to secure it's release and took it home for a close inspection. It came with a really nice condition ever ready case and a hood, in a separate small case. As usual the slow speeds are a bit suspect but I'm sure that with use this will get better. This is the difference with the Compur shutter they usually free up with use where the Prontors need to be stripped and cleaned. As you probably know I already have a similar model Super Silette but that has a Prontor shutter and Apotar 3 element lens. This, however, has the Agfa Solinar 4 element lens which is one of the best compact lenses in existence, coupled with the Compur shutter. It is in exceptionally clean condition and looks as though it has been well kept. The glassware is very clean and all actions are smooth and it has a beautifully clear viewfinder and rangefinder spot, hopefully I will be able to get out and test drive it soon.



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