Argus C2



Type: Rangefinder

Lens: Argus 50mm f3.5 - f16

Shutter: Argus 10 speed 5,10,20,30,50,75,100,150,200,300 + B



I've been looking for a representative from the Argus range for some time but most that come along are just average examples of the C3, then I got lucky. I was looking around an antique shop and saw this leather case hanging next to a Kodak Brownie, now it didn't take a detective to realise that by the shape and size of the case that this was an Argus. So I got it down and opened up the case and inside I found a very grubby Argus which looked old and well worn. I didn't have much time so I asked the shopkeeper to hold it for me and I'll come back next day. This gave me time to do a bit of research and also meant I would have more time to give the camera a good check over. I had made a mental note of some of the controls and features which would serve me well when I checked the Internet. I very soon concluded that this was a C2, not the more common C3. The shutter release button is a give away here, the mushroom type button was dropped on the C3. Having now had chance to clean it up a bit and check it's functionality I have found that it is fully functional and although very old the glassware is clean and clear.



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