Braun Paxette


The technical stuff:

Camera type: Compact viewfinder

Lens Type: Staeble Kata 45mm f2.8 - f16

Shutter Type: Pronto 4 speed + B 25,50,100,200



What a little gem, I could tell from the moment I unpacked it that there was something special about this camera. I've had it a couple of months already but I wanted to save it for a special occasion. The time arrived and I was off for the day in Bruges, Belgium which seemed like an ideal opportunity to take the Braun. Quite a heavy camera for it's size, this is the smallest camera I have in my collection. There is not enough room for a hinged loading door, instead, to load film into this you have to unscrew the base and slide the whole casing off. Once inside there is a hinged pressure plate which drops down and the cassette chamber has a bottom retainer which swings out of the way. The cartridge is inserted, the retainer swung back into place, fix the film to the take up spool, lift the pressure plate up and slide the cover back on. Not a camera designed for changing film in a hurry. But once loaded the performance is something else. The weather on the day was very changeable and unpredictable, not to mention the icy cold wind, so I wanted to set the camera up for minimal handling but it was difficult to know what exposure and speed to set. I decided to go for a line of minimal resistance and set 100th at f5.6 and left it at that. As for focusing I knew that most of the pictures I would be taking would be of buildings and medium range views so I set this for 20ft to get reasonable focus from around 12ft to infinity. As you can see from the images this was some kind of divine inspiration as all of the pictures have come out sharp and clear. This is definitely in my favorite camera list and will be taken on more special occasion shoots. n.b. the nameplate should be silver but this was not in the best of cosmetic condition and when I started to clean it the silver started to fade and I found that with a bit of vigorous polishing the plate came up a nice shiny brass colour which I actually rather like.



Braun Paxette























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