Braun Super Paxette



Camera type: Coupled Rangefinder

Lens Type: Interchangeable Cassarit 50mm f2.8 - f16

Shutter Type: Prontor SVS 9 speed + B 1,2,4,8,15,30,60,125,300

Also has built in but uncoupled lightmeter.



Residing in a glass cabinet under the counter of a charity shop in Witney was this Braun leather case which contained a rather sad and badly neglected Super Paxette 2 with a removable lens that you could barely see daylight through. But it beckoned me to take it home and care for it, how could I refuse, after all this was an animal rescue shop, so I rescued it. It seems much happier now in it's new home after it has had a good clean and polish and hopefully I will take it out for some exercise in the near future.

Sadly the Cassarit lens has seen better days and is beyond repair. I did try using an Industar from an old Zenith but that wouldn't focus. The Cassarit shots are the ghosted ones, the Industar is brighter and clearer but out of focus. I'll have too keep searching for another lens.

















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