Canon EOS300




Type: Single Lens Reflex

Lens: Canon 35-80mm zoom + 75-300 USM zoom

Shutter:  Yes



I have always held Canon in some disregard, partly because the Canons and Nikons are beyond my means and partly because they have such a large following and I don't like to be drawn in to that situation. When you find yourself swept away with the masses it creates a mindset that tends to close itself to the "lesser" brands and you miss out on some of the great developments in the field of photography. Having now had the chance to use this Canon EOS300, which is currently on loan, I have to admit that they do have something special. It is a fantastic camera to use and, even though I was only using it in program mode, it has so much going for it and I can easily understand why they have such a following. In fact I have been so impressed that I'm going to put in an offer on this one. The functions and features list for this model can easily fill an A4 sheet. It is very light and easily portable with the controls well laid out and the size is just right for my smaller hands. There is only one aspect of use that I had a small problem with and that is the lightness of the shutter which fired off unexpectedly a couple of times, but I guess this is something you would get used to. Indeed on some occasions this could be regarded as an advantage because the focus action is so fast that it would work well for action shots or catching something in a hurry. The results are now in and I have withdrawn my offer. It's not that they are bad but more that they are not special, average to fair I would say. This is an example of how hype can over inflate a brand. Admittedly it's a great camera to use but at the end of the day it's the results that count. I have transferred my offer to the Pellix which is as good in results terms and has historic interest.























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