Chinon CE4


The technical stuff:

Type: Single Lens Reflex

Lens: Chinon 55mm f1.7 - f22

Shutter: Focal Plane Metal Plate 4secs - 1000th 

with aperture priority auto



When it comes to features this camera is packed. Aperture priority auto exposure with controlled shutter speeds down to 4 secs and exposure compensation in 1/3 stops in either direction. 2 speed self timer (5secs & 10secs) , depth of field preview and there are another 2 functions I haven't worked out yet. All this and a fabulous lens with aperture settings from f1.7 to f22 in half stops. Sadly, on the cosmetic side it leaves a little to be desired. The leatherette on both front panels has shrunk and is peeling off and the controls have a sloppy feel to them. Having said it seems to have worked hard, and rightly so, this camera just begs to be used. I have already been out with it but not in it's basic state. It is a superb camera for trying out specialist lenses and with a standard PK manual mount there's no shortage of these.



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