Cosina CSR



The technical stuff:

Type: Single Lens Reflex

Lens: Cosinon 50mm f1.8 - f16 42mm thread mount

Shutter: Manual only 4sec - 1000th



At last I've found a CSR in good working order although it has been a bit neglected and there were signs of mould spots both in the lens and the viewfinder. Having said these are only minor and the lens has already been cleaned but I need to take the top cover off to clean the viewfinder. There were 3 models in the CS range CSL, CSM and CSR with the CSR being top of the pile. From what information I've been able to unearth the difference was in the metering systems and the R had optional centre weighted or spot metering. Cosina rank, for me, as one of the unsung heroes of SLR production. Contrary to the belief that they were a down market or low budget product they produced some very fine cameras and indeed were responsible for making numerous re-branded cameras for some of the big names in the industry. For example, you only have to research the Olympus FTL and you will see a camera which is remarkably similar to this CSR, or the CSL to be more precise. The Olympus was known to have been of non Olympus design although it is claimed that it was manufactured in the Olympus factory.

Finally I have managed to complete a roll of film but sadly the results show a light leak on the back door. I have, however managed to salvage a couple of images for the gallery which show how efficient the metering is and also the resolving power of the lens.













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