Emi K35


The technical stuff:

Type: Compact viewfinder

Lens: Fujiyama 50mm f2.8 - f16

Shutter: Unknown 4 speed + B 25,50,100,300



Made in Japan for just 1 year (1956), withdrawn because of overwhelming German competition. A beautifully engineered camera with a good lens, back to that subjective thing, no special features just nice to handle. It has a very light shutter release, if anything too light it has a tendency to go off before you expect it. I have only been out with it once, on a day trip to my companies London office. I took it in the hope that I might get a chance to go shooting and at lunchtime I did. However the weather was dismal and although I was only a few hundred yards from the embankment there were very few good targets for me to aim at. I have posted a few of the better shots but I was not particularly happy with them, I think underexposure prevailed. This is a bit of a tricky camera for bad weather conditions because of it's unusual speed range. 1/50th is a bit slow for good handheld shots and 1/100th is too fast for a reasonable depth of field. The best shots therefore, as you can see below are those which were taken at closer range where the DoF is less important. I will try the camera again when the weather improves because I think it certainly has more to offer. On the better shots it shows that the images are sharp and clear indicating that the lens is very good with no signs of vignetting or radial blurring. 















































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