Houghton  Butcher Ensign 320


The technical stuff:

Type: Folding Bellows Type Medium Format  6 x 9 or 6 x 4.5 on 120 roll film .

Lens: Ensar Anastigmat 100mm f4.5

Shutter: Vario 3 speed 25,50,100 + B & T



A classic British camera for a change, albeit with a German Vario shutter. In need of a bit of TLC but fundamentally sound. I've been looking for a dual format folder for ages and as the saying goes "all things come to he who waits". The dual format has the great advantage that I can scan the 6 x 4.5 without too much problem. The 6 x 9 format, however, is a different story but, if I use it with transparency scanning is not an issue. I like the big lens on this one, I have come across a few Ensigns with smaller f6 lenses but not with this f4.5. This, of course, doesn't ensure better pictures but does at least give me a speed advantage.

It has now been out on it's first shoot, with me, that is, and I can't decide if the problem I have with the results are in the camera or the processing. There is a streak running at intervals all the way through the film. This does appear to coincide with the red windows but I'm not convinced that this is allowing a light leak in because the backing sheet should prevent this from happening. I will try it again but send to a different process house and if the problem still exists then it is in camera. Meanwhile I have posted some of the shots after a bit of doctoring and they show that the lens is very capable and it produces superb pictures.























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