Fujica ST801


The technical stuff:

Type: Single Lens Reflex

Lens: Fujinon f1.8 - f22 55mm

           Hoya f2.8 - f16 28mm Wide Angle

Shutter: Focal Plane Cloth Blind 1sec - 1/2000th



A capable camera which came to me with a Hoya 28mm wideangle lens and a set of close up extension tubes. Nothing exciting but it has a useful speed range from 1 - 1/2000th of a second using a rubberized fabric focal plane shutter. It's a very nice all manual camera  which handles well, with a 42mm screw mount lens. It has TTL metering (LED scale) and split image focusing which is clear and sharp. The only negative point is that it has an extra ring on the lens mount which activates the meter, this limits the availability of lenses which work with it. I took it up to Lechlade for a trip out, with it's original 55mm lens, stopping off at the bluebell wood on the way back and then I finished off the roll in Bath. I knew that this would be a challenge for the standard lens so I took the wide angle as well. Unfortunately the images were not well processed and had to be rescanned which is why there is a mark across many of the pictures, my scanner is not good. In defense of the process shop the w/a shots were a problem because the lens has a fault. I have discovered since that the stop down is not operating so all the shots were effectively taken with the aperture at f2.8 which, of course, has overexposed them.



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