Halina 3000


The technical stuff:

Camera Type:- 35mm Compact Viewfinder with built in lightmeter (not TTL) 

Lens Type:- Fixed 45mm Halina Anastigmat f2.8 - f16 

Shutter:- unknown 4 speed + B 30,60,125,250



Once again I am surprised by Halina with what appears, on the surface to be a low budget camera which is mostly plastic. I think this bears out a philosophy I have held for some time in that the camera body is fundamentally a carriage for the film inside it. The real difference between makes is in the lens and shutter and it seems that Halina have got this right. As with my other Halina or derivative cameras the shutter is relatively crude and clunky and the wind on feels, and sounds, like it's going to tear the film at any moment, which it never does. However, the results are just amazing as you can see from the samples and I am beginning to think I should hold these cameras with a much higher regard. Maybe the crude simplicity of the design is telling other manufacturers that they are over engineering their products, concentrate on the lens and keep the bodywork simple.















































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