Halina Tegra


The technical stuff:

Camera Type:- 35mm Compact Viewfinder 

Lens Type:- 38mm - 56mm Zoom Halinar with automatic exposure 

Shutter:- Fixed speed, absolutely no idea what.



Just when you thought you were safe from another attack of Halina-itis this little beast arrives on my doorstep. Well, I was looking to replace my Zoomate and this was only a couple of quid, and it might make a useable stop gap. Right again, this is yet another example of how a small plastic box powered by a washing machine motor can turn out to be a great little picture taker. From the moment you switch on and press the zoom out/in buttons you are reassured that this is a Halina camera. The lens motor has a noise not unlike the starter of a truck on a cold morning and the click whirr of the shutter give you that confident feeling that this was built using only the cheapest components in an old shed somewhere in Taiwan. But please ignore my ridicule and just look at the pictures, I think they tell all.

I took it with me to Banbury on a sunny day which seemed just right to get some shots of the canal. This definitely seems to be it's forte the lens appears to prefer solid objects to open landscapes.





























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