Hanimex 35HS


The technical stuff:

Camera Type:- 35mm Compact Viewfinder 

Lens Type:- Fixed 33mm (3 light settings) 

Shutter:- unknown



Don't knock it till you've tried it! I was in our local Oxfam shop one Monday lunchtime and they must have received a batch of plastic cameras over the weekend. Among them were this Hanimex and its sister the Halina 150. They wanted a couple of pounds each for them and I thought, because its a charitable cause I'll have a play so I bought them both, you can't split up twins it's not humane. If you accept that "vintage" is anything over 25 years old these just about scrape under the bar. I have to admit I felt a little embarrassed about using the bright red Halina so I loaded film into this Hanimex first. Off I went the next day down to the park to try it out, in fact because of it's size it then became my pocket camera and I took it with me to Malmesbury when I went out with the Pacemaker. Some of the results of these outings are shown below. Well you can imagine my surprise, almost disbelief, at the pictures that this seemingly tacky little plastic camera produced. This is one of the sets of images which actually contains a picture blown up to 12 x 8 (A4) which shows that apart from a small area on the radial ends it has withstood the enlargement. Some of the shots were slightly underexposed but you don't have much control in this area, the functionality is limited. A great little convenience camera and I now look forward to trying the red one. Incidentally the Hanimex and Halina are essentially the same camera, both made by Haking, with only cosmetic differences.
































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