Ilford Sportsman 2


The technical stuff:

Camera type: Compact viewfinder

Lens Type: Dacora 45mm f3.5 - f16 

Shutter Type: Vario 3 Speed + B,25,50,200



There's something about these Ilfords that suggests that they were a bit below the standard. I suppose when you study the history of camera development at the time it becomes apparent. In the post war period, between 1945 and 1955 British camera makers were trying to get back up to production in a market which was less than affluent. Ilford had a superb British made camera in the Diplomat but it was expensive and other makers were now starting to import cameras from Germany at much lower prices. In response to this threat Ilford went in search of a German manufacturer but by now all of the big companies had their alliances set up. Ilford managed to track down a small manufacturer who was currently producing cameras in his own name of Dacora and were able to strike a deal. Dacora did have a small amount of export so welcomed the chance to expand. The camera was a re-badged version of the Dignette, in fact some were produced in such a hurry they carried both names with a badge stuck over the Dacora name. They have a rather flimsy feel and the front mounted shutter does nothing to prevent camera shake. The earlier examples Mark 1 and 2 were fitted with a Dacora lens which was never the sharpest around and they struggle unless the light is good. I have, however, had some good shots from the mark 4 which has the Cassar lens instead of the earlier Dacora. This one has been a bit of a disaster  but I do wonder if there is a lens fault because the pictures are good in the centre getting progressively worse toward the edges. This is a similar symptom to the first roll from the Mk4. When I get a chance I will strip it down and reset it all, meanwhile I have posted some of the pictures after having cropped them to remove the worst of the effect.



































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