Iloca Quick B


The technical stuff:

Type: 35mm Rangefinder

Lens: Ilotar f2.9 - f22 50mm

Shutter:  Prontor S 1-1/300th +B



Iloca is not a brand you come across very often, I've seen 2 in the last 4 years. This particular model is very rare, an Iloca Quick B, presumably the B denotes a mk2 version. I am guessing this is the predecessor to the Rapid, judging by the shutter and the knob wind. It also has a removable back as opposed to hinged, adding these factors together this would make it early 50's. It's in surprisingly good condition and mechanically sound, however the slowest speeds are way off. When I get chance I will clean the shutter and get this back to normal. The only other weakness is the rangefinder spot is barely visible. This may be because it needs cleaning or the silvering has faded, again I'll look at this when I get the chance, but, I'll run a roll of film through first. I will have to use manual range focusing but this is easy on this camera because the lens housing is marked like a slide rule with distance and DOF scales.























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