Kodak EF35


The technical stuff:

Type: Compact Viewfinder

Lens: Kodak Ektanar f4 35mm

Shutter: Yes



A very simplistic plastic point and shoot camera from the house of George Eastman. It's a kind of 35mil version of a basic instamatic with only one changeable function. There is a slider below the lens housing which adjusts the ISO from 100/200 to 400/800. Very light and easily carried either in a pocket or by the wrist strap and ready to go at the turn of the winder. Just frame the target squeeze the trigger and click, in that instant the picture is committed to film. When it comes back from the lab you will be, at first, surprised by the quality of the picture but think on for a minute. Kodak have been making simple cameras for over 100 years and by now they have a pretty good idea of what works. The instamatics had a superb reputation as easy to use snapshooters with good results. Perhaps I just got lucky with the weather but the results are excellent and with such ease of use I'm sure this will be used again.



































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