Kodak Retinette 1a




A delight to use, German engineering at it's best. Viewfinder is clear and sharp with well defined parallax correction markings. Adjustment rings are smooth but firm with just enough resistance. The shutter is long enough but light enough to prevent accidental camera shake when firing. Rather large but well balanced and not too heavy. The only criticism I can make is with the film advance lever mounted at the base of the camera which takes a bit of getting used to. It's previous owner must have been having a bad day as this was on ebay with only 5 minutes to go and no bids so it was going for a song, I quickly put in a bid and won it, much to my delight. I did send my apologies to the seller but he was reasonably happy that it had gone to a good home where it would be used not just put on a shelf to collect dust. Well it has been used and I have to say, because I have never been a fan of Kodak cameras, it will be used again it was such a joy to take out. Even passers by looked at this camera hanging from my neck as though it were something special, it has such a look of quality. I have just realised something, I have written about this camera as though it were new, not thinking to take into consideration that it is over 50 years old, that's quality. As for the results, I rest my case on the evidence provided. Look at the Burford 3 image (bottom), the detail is superb, and, bear in mind this is at only 150dpi resolution. Now I understand why the Schneider lens is legendary


























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