Kodak Retinette 1b



Finally I have a 1b with a working lightmeter, these seem to be a rarity. I have 2 other 1b's but neither meter works and one has a sticky shutter as well. This one, however, is fully functional and a joy to use. The 1b uses a Rodenstock lens in place of the earlier Schnieder Kreuznach of the 1a but it performs exceptionally well. The picture here top right I have blown up and printed as a poster at almost 3 x 2 FEET and although there are obvious signs of printer interpolation if you hang it on a wall and stand 4 feet back it is stunning. If I was asked to choose one camera to take on a world cruise this would be the one. The lightmeter is reasonably accurate allowing for it being a selenium unit, the shutter speed range is adequate for all but the most extreme conditions and it is easy to use, the only thing it lacks is a rangefinder. Incidentally, the cemetery shots are not born out of any strange fetish but I was told about the avenue of trees and a friend at work challenged me to go with her at lunchtime to see how I fared against her Pentax K100 digital. She's trying to convert me but my avenue is sharper and more naturally coloured, so I'm sticking with my film.





























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