Kodak Retinette 2


The technical stuff:

Camera type: Miniature Folder

Lens Type: Kodak Anastigmat f4.5 - f16

Shutter Type: 4 Speed 25,50,100,125 + B



This is a very unusual 1939 model Retinette 35mm folder. There is much work to do to get it back to it's glory days but mechanically it seems ok. I have already made a start by removing the remains of the leatherette from the door and scraping off the rust. The shutter fires at all speeds and the self timer works fine, focus is smooth and the winder turns...

...However, it now turns out that the sprocket spindle did not, it was seized solid and the gears and levers which control the film stop and shutter lock are all in disarray. The shutter which appeared to be ok has a very unusual problem, it wont fire from the shutter button, because the cocking lever and shutter lever somehow seem to have been reversed. As the camera is useable as is and given the problems I've encountered so far I have decided to shoot a first roll before I go any further. Cosmetically I have returned the body of the camera to something like it would have been in 1939 although, sadly, I have lost the Retinette name from the back panel. The inside i.e. lens and shutter assembly, can wait until the next phase of restoration and I must paint that Kodak badge on the front.

The results are in and I cannot believe my eyes. This has to be one the finest sets of images from a first roll from any camera I have. I will admit to having used a high degree of enhancement but this is only to compensate for a relatively low resolution scanning from the process shop and to improve the saturation of a weak film. Bear in mind that this camera is 70 years old and the lens is far from perfect not to mention the accuracy of the shutter speeds.



























































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