Konica Revio (APS)


The technical stuff:

Type: APS Compact

Lens: Konica

Shutter: Automatic



I have to say I'm not big on APS cameras but they do have a great advantage in portability. This is so small it can sit in the palm of my hand and has the zoom equivalent of a 35 - 70mm (24 - 48mm)lens, based on 35mm standard. It's like digital compact with a C type sensor, but for film, and you don't find many of those. It has a set of function buttons on the back for different flash settings and infinity focus etc. along with the customary choice of view for panoramic (pointless), 3:2 and 4:3 formats. Who dreamed up the idea of panoramic in an APS C size negative when all you get is a cut down image stretched out to fit across 2 frames. I'm sure there must be a use for it but I haven't found it yet. Anyway, it is of sturdy metal construction and has the feel of a good piece and with a Konica lens should perform very well. I have some APS film so I will take it out for a spin when I get chance.

Chance has arrived and I have a couple of days over Easter to go out with cameras. Starting in Stroud for a bit of camera searching then to Weston Super Mare with a couple of shots along the beach and finally to Buscot Park. Performance of this very compact and portable instrument is less than brilliant, given that 2 of the 3 days were bright sunshine which wouldn't pose a challenge to many cameras. I don't greatly like the format of the APS cameras so I have cropped back to 6 x 4. These needed a good deal of enhancement and sharpening to get to where they are. In defence of the camera I will say that the film was not top quality, it was an "own brand" supermarket film which could account for colour weakness but the lack of sharpness is down to the lens. As usual with these very small lenses the converging verticals are really bad, I have pulled a couple out with software but this introduces other distortions.





























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