Konica Zup 150


The technical stuff:

Type: Compact

Lens: Konica

Shutter: Automatic



What can you say about a point and shoot automatic camera? You point it and shoot and if you've remembered to load a film you will get pictures. However, there are pictures and there are pictures. I did close this roll early but what I got back was not that impressive. Having said I did push it to extremes using the full zoom range at both ends, and shooting into the light. At wide angle setting its not bad but it tends to blur around the edges and the converging verticals are chronic. The picture at the bottom is approximately 80% cropped from the centre of the original and still had to be straightened in Photoshop. The butterfly on the left is the other extreme end of the lens which is incredibly difficult to hold steady, this is the best of six attempts, maybe I should have used a tripod. In the centre "sweet spot" the lens is very sharp as one would expect from a company with Konica's reputation. If I get a chance I will try taking it out again under slightly less arduous conditions as I'm sure it can perform extremely well.














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