Mamiya 35 RF


The technical stuff:

Camera type: Coupled Rangefinder

Lens Type: Mamiya Sekor  40mm f2.8 - f22

Shutter Type: Seikosha 7 Speed + B,4,8,15,30,60,125,250



Acquired from an antique shop in Lechlade. The shutter wasn't working so I forced a hard bargain on the seller and got it for a good price. When I got home I took off the top cover and found that there is a screw on top of the shutter release which I adjusted by a turn and hey presto it's firing on all cylinders. 

I am pleased to report that this camera has finally been put through it's paces and come out with flying colours. The only criticism I can levy at it is that it has a tendency to underexpose a little but then using a UV filter may not have helped. It certainly is a nice camera to use. Size and weight is just about right and the adjustment rings are light with just enough resistance. The rangefinder is clear and sharp as is the lens on this particular model. All in all a very pleasing experience and the results are stunningly good. I finally have a shot of Lechlade church across the river. I've attempted this with three other cameras including the Vitomatic and even an SLR but they couldn't get the light balance right. I'm very impressed with this camera and will be using it again in the not too distant future.





























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