Minolta Riva 135


The technical stuff:

Camera type: Compact Automatic

Lens Type: Minolta Zoom 38 - 135mm

Shutter Type: Automatic

Functionally this has optional scene modes or Fully automatic.



Top of the range compact from the Minolta stable. Back in the late 80's this was the flagship of the fleet, a compact alternative to the Dynax SLR range. Fitted with a whopping 38 - 135mm zoom lens makes it a very versatile alternative as well. It has optional scene modes as well as fully automatic operation adding to it's usability.

In the field it performs well and although a little clumsy by modern standards it is still comfortable to use. The results are terrific, showing off the quality of the Minolta lens and the auto focus is fast and accurate. The picture at the bottom was a spur of the moment scene. As I was leaving the park I heard an excited squawking behind me, I turned around and saw the swan coming in on the pond and the goose, realizing he was in the way, panicking to get out. In a flash I pointed the camera zoomed in and fired and much to my surprise I got the shot.





























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