Minolta SR1


The technical stuff:

Type: Single Lens Reflex

Lens: Minolta Auto Rokkor 55mm f2 - f16

Shutter: Focal Plane Cloth Blind 1sec - 1/1000 + B



Despite what I said in the editorial on the home page I still get a buzz when I see a classic marque and this is one of them. There was a leather camera case on top of a bookshelf in a charity shop and I reached it down to have a look. When I opened up the case and saw this Minolta SR1 inside I felt my pulse rate increase and that voice in the back of my head said "I've got to have it". From the moment you pick it up it exudes quality, and although I fired the shutter to check, there was really no doubt that this would be fully working. Fitted with the legendary Rokkor lens I am confident that this will turn in some of the best shots I've ever done, at least technically.

I have not been disappointed!





























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