Olympus OM20


The technical stuff:

Type: Single Lens Reflex

Lens: Olympus Zuiko Auto-S 50mm f1.8 - f16

Shutter: Focal Plane Cloth Blind 1 - 1/1000th sec.



This has come to me in need of some care and attention. The advance lever is not retracting,  I'm guessing it's probably a broken spring, and there's a small black strip of  metal floating around inside the viewfinder. Otherwise the camera works fine so I will take it out for a spin. By chance I have acquired 2 zoom lenses for OM series so these should come in handy.

I have to say that I am more than a little disappointed with the first results from this camera. I had expected some really good shots but in the event I am struggling to find good ones to put on this page. I can't decide if it's me or the focusing system or maybe the lenses themselves but most of the images are out of focus. The light was also very difficult to measure on the day ranging from bright sunlight to deep shadows so I let the auto do the thinking. This, I later discovered, was probably a mistake. It really struggled with the changing light conditions and the exposures are all over the place, reminiscent of my Minolta Dynax, that was never keen on bright sunlight either. In the camera's defense I will point out that no work has yet been carried out and I was shooting hand held on a long lens (70 - 210) for most of the time. The handling was something else, this is a joy to use. The size, weight and balance are just right for me and I enjoyed using it immensely. I just have to do some work and sort out the bugs and I'm sure this will be an excellent addition to the collection.

The Olympus has now redeemed itself, which means it probably was me. I've now been out again with the OM and the results this time are much more akin to that which I expected, in fact some have even surpassed my expectations. Incidentally, the other lens I've used here is a Miranda 70 - 210 f4.5 - f 5.6. I started this roll back in October last year and it has been sitting in the camera for quite a while which has caused some discolouration but I've adjusted that in processing. The woodland shots were last year's Autumn colours but the couple from Marlborough were taken at the weekend (30 March 08). I am particularly impressed with the detail in the crest above the town hall, when blown up on my screen I can even see the wire mesh protection over the top. Regular visitors will know that no good collection of pictures escapes the ubiquitous duck, I refer to this one as my Peeking Duck.









































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