Olympus Trip 35


The technical stuff:

Camera Type:- 35mm Compact Viewfinder 

Lens Type:- Zuiko Fixed 40mm Auto Exposure, Range focusing 

Shutter:- unknown



An old Trojan, I have owned this one from new. Unfortunately it has seen better days, the lightmeter no longer works so it has to be used in manual over-ride mode and the shutter lags. However, it still takes quite good pictures at the rate of 4 in 10, the other 6 have exposure problems. I have tried, in vain, to fix the poor old thing but I think I will have to admit defeat and retire this one for good. Below are some examples of it's last few trips, excuse the pun, taken at the end of the summer last year.


This has now been replaced with another Trip 35 which is fully operational, watch this space.




















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