Pacemaker 35p


The technical stuff:

35mm Compact Camera

Lens Type; f2.8/45mm Isconar

Shutter Type: Unknown 4 speed + b 30,60,125,250

Country of origin West Germany



An interesting camera, acquired on ebay for a small sum. Very hard to find any reference to the Pacemaker 35P,  but I will continue looking. It is unusual in German built 35mm compacts, the lens and shutter configuration being different to the norm, not at all like the usual Varios and Prontos. There are only 2 adjustment rings, the speed and aperture have been combined in a way that within a given aperture range the speed is selected for you, without an override option like the Prontor LK types. This ring is also dual marked on a wide  band with Icons (bright, cloudy etc.) on one side and on the other you have f stop bracketed to speed.

The shutter seems to be gear driven because you when you fire the shutter it whirrs to a click, quite a reassuring sound actually, so there has obviously been some engineering involved. The front focus ring has 3 sets of calibrations, one for metric, one for linear and a third for zone focusing, again with icons. The speed/aperture ring also is seemingly stepless with very smooth action, as has the focus ring, and the shutter is as light as a feather. A rather enigmatic camera in that it looks and feels like a cheap camera but in use it seems much better quality than the average.

Stop Press:

I have discovered the origin of this camera and why it was so difficult to find information. It was made by King in Germany who also made Regula/Mastra and some other "own brands". This model appears to be a rebranded variant of the King Regulette.




















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