Type: Single Lens Reflex

Lens: Pentaflex f2.8 50mm

Shutter: Focal Plane Rubberised Fabric

Speeds: 1 - 1/500sec

Fundamentally this is a Praktica Nova with different badges and a low budget plastic prism hood. In all technical aspects it is the same as the Nova. Purely manual, no metering, however, it does have auto stop down. It has its roots in the Carl Zeiss Contaflex S but made by Pentacon after the "revolution". Even the lens is a straight copy of the f2.8 Jena Tessar, common to the early Prakticas.

Having now run it down a bit, it's time to build it back up. The handling is the same as my Nova which is, for me, comfortable and with the front mounted shutter I find it quite ergonomic. With a good light meter to set the exposures by the performance is excellent. The Pentaflex lens is sharp and contrasty which returns a good definition. I must say I found it a pleasure to use and would like to take it out again sometime, in fact I was rather sad that the film ran out.

































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