Pentax Espio Mini


The technical stuff:

Type: Compact Viewfinder

Lens: Pentax 32mm f3.5

Shutter: Automatic



I took rather a liking to this little Pentax so I bought it. It looks like a serious competitor to the Olympus Mju and being 35mm should be, at least theoretically, better than the Canon Ixus which are of similar size. Such a neat little package and easily carried in a jacket pocket. No huge range of options to confuse and bewilder just a simple slide open point and shoot automatic camera. The sliding cover protects the lens from damage whilst in the pocket and it's instantly ready when you slide open. Nothing could be simpler, however, the results are what counts and this is where it falls apart. The raw images on the CD left a lot to be desired but with a bit of enhancement I have managed to salvage a few for the gallery.

















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