Praktica GP100


The technical stuff:

Type: Compact Viewfinder

Lens: Yes

Shutter: Yes



It carries the same name but it's not from the same stable as the legendary German SLR. Having said, this is a nice compact plastic camera that fits easily into my jacket pocket and requires no effort to use. As for the results well that remains to be seen.

Sadly, this is the exception that proves the rule. So far my experiences with these small plastic cameras has been quite good but it's about to change. No matter how much post processing I apply to these pictures there's no escaping the fact that it's a cheap plastic camera. All of the shots here have been cropped by around 15% to get rid of the excessive blurring and vignetting around the edges and even that was not enough. As for exposure, there is only one image which is close to correct, the others are all grossly underexposed. Strictly a bright sunshine camera and be sure to get your target bang in the centre.





























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