Praktica MTL50


The technical stuff:

Type: Single Lens Reflex

Lens: Pentacon

Shutter: Focal Plane



This is currently out on loan, having completed it's first "tour of duty". Sitting on a tripod in my favorite charity shop it beckoned me in to take a look. Naturally , I obliged, and when I saw it was priced at a mere 5, I was powerless to resist. I had to find a battery to get the meter up and running but that was easily sorted, these late models use the LR44 or AG13 which I always have on hand. The AG's don't last as long as the LR's but then I don't use them much so it works for me. The only fundamental difference in the MTL5's is the metering and battery set up. The early 5 uses the PX625 with a needle meter, the 5b has 2 LR44's with a slightly different needle meter and the 50 has a single 44 with LED meter. All is well up to now, they all share the same pentacon lens, and have the same speed ranges etc. Sadly the 50 seems to suffer from meter inaccuracy as can be seen from the results which have needed much post processing to recover them. Further to this I acquired the 5b a couple of days after this, along with a Carl Zeiss Jena 135 lens which begged to be tried. This was my undoing, because I mainly shoot hand held this lens was very unforgiving and almost all of the shots using it have got chronic shake. I have to admit I wasn't happy with the LED metering either, it did seem a bit erratic in use. Maybe when I get it back I'll try it again but use a separate meter alongside. These problems have unfortunately left me rather short of pictures for this page.























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