Praktica Nova


The technical stuff:

Type: Single Lens Reflex

Lens: E.Ludwig Meritar f2.9 50mm

Shutter: 1sec to 1/500th plus B




This is the real McCoy. An early model Praktica with it's original Meritar lens in superb condition. It was lurking in a junk shop in Lechlade with an ever ready case that had seen better days, probably what was putting off potential buyers. I discarded the case and cleaned the camera up a bit and it came up looking great. It has a small dink on one side of the hood, otherwise immaculate inside and out. Mechanically 100%, shoots fine at all speeds and the lens is good too. This is an absolute blinder, shame about the case.

Time to load the film and get out there. Just a short trip up the road to Fairford and a walk around the village. On the way back I detoured up to Marston Maisey, I liked the sound of it so I had to check it out. The camera; fantastic, the pictures; fantastic what more can I say.



































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