Ricoh RZ105


The technical stuff:

Camera type: Compact Zoom

Lens Type: Ricoh Zoom 38 - 105mm

Shutter Type: Automatic




Where the 500RF was neat, light and compact this is completely the opposite. A beast of a compact camera, not much smaller than an SLR but with a fixed zoom lens, not unlike a modern digital bridge camera. On the plus side is the lens is huge for a compact and has a 40.5 filter thread which is unusual in a camera of this type. It also has full TTL metering for more accurate exposure control. The strange thing is that although the RF is smaller and lighter it has eyes for a neck strap where this only has a wrist strap which is barely adequate for a camera of this size. For all it is a bulky unit it does have a nice ergonomic feel to it and the controls are well placed so I guess it needs to be tried in the field before I pass judgment.























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