Rollei B35


The technical stuff:

Camera type: Compact Viewfinder

Lens Type: Carl Zeiss Triotar

Shutter Type: 



What a cute little camera. So many features they have to be accommodated on both the top and bottom panels. The wind lever, shutter release and light meter on top and the flash shoe and rewind in the base. The lens also retracts to minimise the camera size when it's closed. Until the Olympus XA this was heralded as the worlds smallest 35mm camera. Unlike the said XA this one is purely manual and without TTL metering, but on the plus side it does have a Carl Zeiss Triotar lens. This is a virtual camera as far as the collection is concerned because I'm  merely handling the sale of this for someone else. Of course, while I have it in my possession I will take the chance to run a roll through it, just for testing purposes you understand. If it proves to be as good as it's reputation I might put in an offer.

What a great little camera, now I understand why they are so sought after. Not only is it compact and fairly simple to use it produces great results. The only criticism I can levy against it is that the light-meter is mounted in the top panel of the body. This has the disadvantage that when you look at it to take a reading it's in a completely different position to where it will be shot, so in this respect it's not especially accurate. The plus side is that the lens makes up for this minor shortcoming. Even though this is only the three element Triotar the sharpness and definition are superb. 

n.b. based on this exceptional performance I put up money and bought it.









































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