Samsung Fino 70


The technical stuff:

Type: Compact Viewfinder

Lens: Samsung 35 - 70mm

Shutter: Automatic



What a great little camera! This bears out all that I have been raving about concerning the under rated plastic compacts. It's small light compact and so simple to use and it returns absolutely superb pictures. Limited only by the 35 - 70mm zoom the lens is in a class of it's own giving me some of the sharpest pictures I've had from a compact. The metering is extremely good, considering the very bright sunlight on the day the exposures are just on the limit of exposure but nicely saturated and superbly detailed. The dappled sunlight along the leafy path shows just how capable the metering is. These images, along with those from the big lens Samsung Vega 140 show that Samsung is definitely a force to be reckoned with.



































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