Samsung Vega 140


The technical stuff:

Camera type: Compact Automatic

Lens Type: Schnieder Kreusnach Varioplan 38 - 140mm

Shutter Type: Automatic

With scene modes



This is the Millenium Edition presentation boxed version of the top of the range Samsung compact which won both European camera awards for 1999/2000. If it performs as good as it looks I can expect some superb pictures. The whole package is in immaculate condition, in fact it doesn't look as though it has ever been used. 

Well it has now. I have finally put a first roll through the camera and the results are great. The only downfall is night shooting, I tried some night shots in London while I was staying up there for a couple of days but the results are disappointing. However, in daylight the story is totally different. The Schneider Kreusnach lens lived up to it's promise and returned some superbly sharp images. The exposure control was excellent given that the light was very changeable form bright autumn sunlight to dark stormy clouds. Given time and opportunity I would like to take this one out again and possibly explore the scene modes.





























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