Taron Eye


The technical stuff:

Camera type: Rangefinder

Lens Type: Taronar 45mm f1.8 - f16

Shutter Type: Citizen MVL 10 Speed + B 1,2,4,8,15,30,60,125,250,500



It's not every day you come across Taron cameras, I have only seen 3 in the last year. This one came complete with accessory lenses and viewfinder, which is even more unusual. The Taron company's claim to fame being the first to introduce a rangefinder with CDS light meter in the Marquis. This one is an earlier model Taron big lens coupled rangefinder with selenium light meter. Definitely not a pristine collectors camera more a project piece. It has been an uphill climb, arriving in a non-working state and dreadful condition. But after considerable effort, stripping down to the last component and rebuilding from the floor up, it is now working...ish. The selenium meter is not coupled to the lens correctly and the rangefinder is hopelessly out. I will have to strip the lens body down again to reset everything some other time. But, for now it does work with a little compensation for error and manual metering. When I say it works I mean it really works, with the exposure set right and the range correct it produces some stunningly good pictures. It has now become something of a quest to get the rest of the bits working, albeit with a little cosmetic change here and there, note the blue leathercloth covering.





























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