Wirgin Edixa


The technical stuff:

Type: Compact Viewfinder

Lens: Isconar f3.5 - f16

Shutter: Pronto 4speed + B




I have a bit of a weakness for Wirgin cameras, their engineering quality impresses me. Wirgin only produced the Edixa in this compact format for a few years before transferring the now established name to a new SLR. This was the Edixa Reflex which took on the world and was one of the few German SLRs to continue in competition with the Japanese well into the 70's. The compact camera and the rangefinder version were eventually dropped in favour of the Edixa Reflex production. Incidentally this compact model was first introduced as the Edina but Wirgin were forced to change the name by Kodak who complained that it sounded too much like Retina.

This is my second Wirgin Edixa 1, the first have developed an irreparable shutter fault. I can't decide whether this one is earlier or later, I think from the lens plate and the winder/rewind knobs I would suspect this of being slightly earlier around 1954. The front lens is a bit the worse for wear, however it will not interchange with the other one that I have. This one is fully operational and I am hoping to get out with it before long. I did manage to shoot a roll of film with the first one but due to the faults they are not worth publishing.

The replacement Edixa has had it's first trip out with a 12 frame roll of Agfa film and turned in some reasonable results. Bearing in mind the condition of the lens the pictures are clear and reasonably sharp but exposure was a bit lacking. However, with the wonders of photo software I've managed to boost them up a bit and as you can see the results are pretty good. The handling on this camera was just as good and as enjoyable as the other Edixa. Engineering wise I give this camera top marks the shutter is light and easy, minimising shake, and the winder is superbly smooth. The only criticism is with the speed selection which is not visible from above, you have to look at the front of the lens to see what speed is selected. As is normal with a camera of this age the viewfinder is not very bright and only shows around 80% of what you get on film.






























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