Yashica T4


The technical stuff:

Type: Automatic Compact

Lens: Carl Zeiss T* Tessar 35mm f3.5





This one is on loan to me at present and I have run a quick roll through it while I have the opportunity. I already have an earlier model, the original T-AF, which I have yet to try. So I thought this would be a good chance for me to see what this legendary lens is capable of. The Yashica T series all use the same 35mm Carl Zeiss T* Tessar lens so it doesn't matter much which model you use the results will be basically the same. The differences between each model are mainly aimed at cosmetic and handling improvements. Having said, I use the term improvements loosely because what appears to be better for one is not always better for another, better is, after all, a subjective term. The T4 has more electronic wizardry and is much smaller and prettier than the original T but I have to say that I prefer the old one. One major gripe with this one is that the auto flash function is annoying in that after every shot you take it resets itself and if you don't want to use flash you have to jump up and down on a fiddly little button to disarm it. Most compacts stay in the mode set until you power off and back on again. Another minor grumble is the noise of the motor drive which is bad for a camera of this caliber and would negate the use of it for candid photography, especially in an enclosed space. The results don't fill me with awe, which was a bit surprising, most are underexposed and vignetting seems to be a major issue.























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