Yashica Zoomate 140


The technical stuff:

Camera Type:- 35mm Compact Viewfinder (fully automatic)

Lens Type:- Fixed 35 - 140 zoom (auto exposure)

Shutter:- Automatic multi speed




You might well ask what this has to do with a vintage camera collection. The answer to which is nothing, but, the collection is not only vintage and one day this will be old enough to qualify. The truth of it is simply that I was watching my ebay and this came up with 5 minutes to go and no bid, and as I have been looking for a good film based pocket camera the lure of this top of the range compact for 1 penny, yes ONE PENNY, was too much to ignore so I put in a bid and won it. As point and shoot auto cameras go this is the bees nees, it's got it all. The results you see below are only low resolution samples which don't do justice to the camera's capability. I have printed some off already at 12 x 8 and they are almost flawless. Further to this I have taken a crop at around 25% from one of the shots and blown that up to 12 x 8 without too much loss of quality. It seems to suggest that advances in technology have at least meant improvement over the years and not just increased cost.



























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